Ivgi&Greben Experience
With the Experience program Ivgi&Greben wants to give an impulse to thinking and acting around dance. The experience of dance and movement contributes to the artistic and sensory development of people. This is achieved by providing performances with an informative context, conversations and informal meetings with the choreographers and dancers.

To introduce new people to the effect of dance, a special activity is being developed that focuses on inclusivity: I&G Experience. These are sessions with workshops that make the artistic and physical idiom accessible. In a theatrical setting, participants become aware of the unimagined, expressive possibilities (not the impossibilities) of their own bodies, thereby strengthening their resilience.

De introductievideo voor het onderwijs

For schools
With the Experience we let young people see and experience contemporary dance. Young people learn that you can convey a story or a feeling with dance and discover what you can recognize in it yourself.

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For everyone: All You Can Dance!
All You Can Dance is an accessible workshop for everyone who wants to move: young, old, never taken a step in a dance studio or already a bit more experienced. You experience what dance can be and how the language of Ivgi&Greben arises from movement, images, expression and dynamics. Central is the interaction between the individual and the group and the connection with current topics. The accompaniment is provided by the choreographers themselves and/or by the dancers of the company.

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