All you can dance


All You Can Dance is an accessible workshop for everyone who wants to move: young, old, never taken a step in a dance studio or already a bit more experienced. You experience what dance can be and how the language of Ivgi&Greben arises from movement, images, expression and dynamics. Central is the interaction between the individual and the group and the connection with current topics. The accompaniment is provided by the choreographers themselves and/or by the dancers of the company. The point is to arrive at a feeling and understanding of dance through the experience of dance and the participation in the creative processes that precede it: the mission is to convey the physical experience and the feeling of the dance language in a specific performance. Not understanding but experiencing dance is important.

For example: expressing emotions
The workshop starts with a warming-up. Then everyone tries out poses that express a certain emotion. Together we build/create group constellations or tableaus based on the movement style of Ivgi&Greben. These postures are put in a series and form the basis for a movement phrase in which all participants are given a role.

This is how you experience: – How a group arises from a loose number of individuals – or, for example, how a conflict situation develops through attitude and grouping – and, how you experience purely with the body and come to imagination. The emancipation of all kinds of different and deviant body types: for example, a duet between a professional dancer and a non-dancer.

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Around shows
With the context program around performances and the approachability of Ivgi&Greben in the exchange with the public, people come to understand dance and come into contact with its liberating power. As individual spectators or participants, they become aware of the unimagined, expressive possibilities (not the impossibilities) of their own bodies. They experience how meaning and beauty can arise in this way and come into contact with the magic of the theatre, behind the scenes. The functioning of the theater as a magical place and the introduction to theatrical means and artistic motives of the art of dance.