New Housing in The Blokhuispoort

Our dance company moves into the gym of the former prison Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden. With this done the establishment of the international company is a fact. This year (2021) the two choreographers Johan Greben and Uri Ivgi have founded their own company in the capital of Friesland/ Fryslân. After a long career making dance performances for companies all over the world, their dream of having a company of their own has come true, with the support of the Province of Fryslân. In doing so Johan Greben brings his extensive artistic experience home to the place where he started to dance as a child.

The company is formed with 8 dancers from all over Europe: Bettina from Hungary, Coline and Gaspard from France, Manon from Fryslân, Noa from Belgium, Fabrizio en Christian from Italy and Daniel from Spain. These coming years, they will be with the company and combined with Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben, they bring a lot of international experience to  Leeuwarden.

The company has its very first premiere in Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie on September 25th 2021, with ‘Nice to meet you!’. With this show they will present themselves to Leeuwarden. Subsequently, they will go on tour and perform the show in and outside of the Province.