World premiere: 26 maart 2011 – Dansgroep Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Object toured in Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and South Korea.

‘An extreme example of flexibility. An oppressive, virtuosic solo by Ivgi&Greben. Nobody can deny that it’s not exactly a cheerful image of a woman.’

De Volkskrant

‘An intriguing work that fascinates and questions. Phenomenal!’

Het Parool

‘An incredibly interesting demonstration of mental and physical malleability.’

NRC Handelsblad

‘One of the most bizarre dance pieces I’ve ever seen. The images get stuck in your head and stay there for days.’

Meppeler Courant

Choreography: Ivgi&Greben 
Costume design: Ivgi&Greben
Lighting design: Ivgi&Greben
Music composition: Serge Leonardi, Michel Korb, Ben Frost