Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

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International dance company Ivgi&Greben presents itself! ‘Nice to meet you!’ is a dance performance with a lyrical choreography. It presents the talents of the individual dancers in a series of solos and duets. The atmosphere is intimate, as if you could touch the dancers and share a secret with them. The movement language is grounded and specific: Uri Ivgi, originally from Israel, adds modern dance to the mix and Johan Greben, originally from Leeuwarden, a more classical approach. Together they unite extremes.

After a long career of creating dance performances for companies all over the world, choreographers Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben now have their own company in Friesland. With this, Johan Greben brings his extensive artistic experience home to the place where he first started to dance as a child.

With ‘Nice to meet you!’ the choreographers present themselves and their eight dancers to you. Also for the dancers this show is the first time they engage with the artistic vision of Ivgi&Greben. The audience are their witnesses, they are seated all around the dance floor, at arm’s length.

Meet Manon from Fryslân, Bettina from Hungary, Coline and Gaspard from France, Noa from Belgium, Fabrizio and Christian from Italy and Daniel from Spain.