Baby Boy

Baby Boy

World premiere: 27 februari 2016 – Szeged Contemporary Dance Company, Hungary 

‘Ivgi&Greben create images with an exceptionally deep message.’ ‘The images get stuck in your head and stay there for a long time.’

Délmagyarország, Anna F. Szalai 

‘Baby Boy is a modern creation that plays with impressions and the viewer’s imagination. It’s confusing and deep.’

Hungary Today

‘Baby Boy is powerfully connected to contemporary topical issues.” ‘With their strong and idiosyncratic body language, Ivgi&Greben are even able to express such soft things as peace.’

Budapest Times

Choreography: Ivgi&Greben
Decor design: Ivgi&Greben
Costume design: Ivgi&Greben i.s.m. Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Lighting design: Ferenc Stadler
Music composition: Tom Parkinson